Another Shore Power System ready for delivery

Blueday Technology have this week successfully completed testing of another large SMART Shore Power System ready for customer delivery and installation. The system includes system voltage from 690V to 11.000V, fully compliant with IEC/ISO/IEEE80005-1 and -3 international standards.

Shore power technologies, enable the connection of ships in port to shore side electricity to power on board services. This enables ships’ diesel generators to be switched off, thereby reducing noise and emissions, (such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, carbon oxides, and volatile organic compounds).

We are specialized in designing and constructing complete solutions focused on optimum system availability at the lowest cost. We focus on supplying sustainable and reliable solutions with appropriate recommendations about installation and maintenance says VP Project Execution, Mr Jon Asle Andersen.

Our SMART Shore Power System is designed as a complete system combining the needs of ship’s service power supply and demand of stability. The real-world examples cited demonstrate that the challenges are varied and complex, often requiring careful trade-offs to optimise the solution. Integration of Shore power technologies is essential, and the experience, skill and knowledge required to do this should not be underestimated says Mr. Andersen.

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