Blueday successful in the Gulf of Mexico

Blueday Technology have successfully installed and put in operation, thirteen variable speed drive (VSD) solutions in the Gulf of Mexico to Dowell Schlumberger de Mexico

When a reservoir no longer has sufficient energy to naturally produce at economic rates or boost early production, the most versatile and adaptable artificial lift methods is electrical submersible pumping (ESP) says Blueday’s project manager in Ciudad del Carmen (Mexico) Mr. Jorge Ramirez.

The variable speed drive (VSD) solution is based upon a medium voltage drive of 4.16kV features a series of low voltage cells that are linked together to create the medium voltage power output of the drive system. With this cell-based design, the drive can be scaled precisely for a very wide range of voltage and output power. The ability to bypass any cell during operation in less than 5 ms, and maintain the full output voltage, is why it offers your application maximum availability. The direct speed control afforded by the VSD increases system efficiency and the run life of the ESP system while reducing the incidence of downtime, says Mr. Ramirez.

By continuous identifying the relationship between project risk and external, internal, technical, and environmental complexity has been key factor of this successful project says Blueday’s VP Project Execution, Mr. Jon Asle Andersen.

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