SMART drive

The most flexible and efficient drive line-up on the market. The SMARTDrive may be delivered with all available technologies: 6 – 24 Pulse, Active Front End and DC-Grid Solution.

Our SMARTDrive is a low harmonic drive solution based on the Sinamics S120 IGBT technology, which has proven its quality since its release in 2007. The S120 series is one of the world’s best-selling frequency converters and is used in a variety of different markets, but in particular in marine and offshore applications.

The motor modules are powered by a central line module. In addition to offering a compact and cost-effective design, this configuration enables interchange of energy between the individual drives. This provides relief for the power supply. It is often possible to use line modules with a lower rated power than the total power of the connected motor modules, which in turn reduce space and expenditure requirements. The cabinet modules also allow building single motor drives with greater power output.

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