Our suppliers play a vital part for our success. We therefore emphasize the development of a base of preferred suppliers. We identify potential suppliers through regular supplier market analysis, and various qualification systems. We are committed to using suppliers who operate consistently in accordance with our values, and who maintain high standards for health, safety and environment (HSE), ethics and corporate social responsibility. We expect all our suppliers to comply with international laws and regulation, as well as the company’s ethical standard.

In a challenging market environment, the continuous improvement philosophy and pursuit of more efficient solutions and products is a key to success today and tomorrow.Our supply management function engages suppliers for our worldwide projects and business activities through a transparent procurement practice.Our ambition is to cooperate with the best performing suppliers and we expect our suppliers to maintain a high performance in all deliveries and throughout any relations to us.

We know that our suppliers contribute to significant value to us, our partners and customers, and we believe that maintaining a strong relationship with high-quality suppliers will enable us to maintain competitiveness over time.

The procurement process is typically divided into four steps:

  1. Market research
  2. Pre-qualification
  3. Ordering
  4. Verification and quality control

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