Blueday Technology to deliver turnkey charging solution for speedboats in megawatt class.

All electric high speed passenger vessels that next year arrives at Fiskepiren in Stavanger harbor should be able to fast-charge with DC voltage with a power of 2.4 megawatts and use up to 15min to fill the batteries with energy.

Great emphasis has been placed on the aesthetic in a combination with functionality and safety, as the charging pods themselves will be in the public area along the quays at Fiskepiren. The contract was signed earlier this year and the project is well underway, which will be operational by summer of next year.

Blueday Technology has for several years supplied the BluEco shore power and charging facilities for the maritime industry. These are plants that have large capacities from a few kilowatts to many megawatts. Our BluEco® Charger System is a result of years of development and experience that we have accumulated.

To reduce the amount of energy available in the grid, it will be possible to energy-balancing the flow of available energy in the grid- as well as making use of both hydrogen and battery technology to reduce any peaks if needed in the future. The Fiskepiren facility will also have the opportunity to be extended to use charging of other means of EV transport in the area such as buses, trucks and cars.

Shipping along the coast accounts for large greenhouse gas emissions and significant local air and noise pollution. Seven per cent of greenhouse gas emissions from shipping take place while the ships are docked. The ports are logistics hubs and low energy use, and environmentally friendly solutions are of great importance for the overall environmental accounts for sea-based transport solutions.

Traditionally, ships docked have received power from diesel engines and generators. With shore power, for example, all ships can instead connect to the grid when they dock and are replaced with green energy supplied by local utility companies. With shore power in the 28 largest ports in Norway, we can cut 356,000 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

Stavanger Municipality and Stavanger harbor have ambitious climate targets and want to take part in the national commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a low-emission society. Blueday Technology has experience and references with facilities installed along the entire Norwegian coast and we are pleased that we are now and will help Stavanger reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the city.

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