BluEco® Vision is designed for the future with focus on digitalization and data collection. It allows real time reports, analyses and condition-based monitoring. With large amount of data BluEco® Vision supports the operator by taking the right decision at the right time with tools like corrective maintenance programs.​

BluEco® Vision focuses on the operator control philosophy and simplicity for the users. It includes an advanced alarm management system made according to relevant industry standards that helps the operator in taking correct actions and minimizing potential risks. 

BluEco® Vision simplifies the process, and present data needed related to fuel consumption, emissions, energy saved, either through a client specific report as a monthly service or through data transfer to client system in Microsoft Azure or another platform used. Data storage is available as a solution both on vessel and in the cloud giving the users unique possibilities for accessing powerful data. Once the energy saving measure are implemented it is beneficial to have a system that provides correct parameters and reports to ease reporting further to government institutions or internal company reporting. 

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