Power Generation


Blueday Technology


Generator sets play a vital role in the industry by providing a reliable and critical source of primary or standby power to support operations, maintain the functionality of critical equipment, ensure mission continuity and respond effectively to emergencies and disasters. Throughout our wide range of generators, there are a selection of different sizes, fuel types, etc. to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful unit or a small backup generator, we have you covered for whatever you need.

The BluEco® Power Generation can be delivered as standard industry type or as military field generator sets according to high defence requirements. These military generator sets are designed to operate under extreme conditions, making them ideal for military tactical operations and are adaptable to different situations, being able to respond to all types of requirements and complying with STANAG standards.

Prime Power: Diesel generator sets can be used as the primary power source for industrial facilities, ensuring the continued operation of important industrial facilities when the power grid is unavailable or unstable.

Backup Power: Diesel generator sets are also commonly used as a backup power source to provide power during grid interruptions, preventing equipment downtime and ensuring efficient production.

Peak Shaving: Diesel generator sets can be used to manage tight power demand during peak times. By providing extra power during periods of high demand, it eases the strain on the grid while helping to reduce the cost of electricity.

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