Code of Conduct

Blueday Technology Code of Conduct is all about our values, which have been part of the DNA of Blueday Technology for many years. Commonly held values and principles are shared throughout the organization and reflect the distinctive characteristics that can lift our company to great heights. They represent our corporate culture, the continuity of our history, and guide each of us in facing our future challenges and opportunities.

Message from our CEO:

“The principles contained in our Code of Conduct are the top-level reference for guiding our behaviour, decision-making and activities. Business ethics, the respect of human rights and a sense of responsibility to all our stakeholders and to the environment are a matter of personal integrity for each of us. Complying with our Code of Conduct is mandatory for everyone acting on behalf of Blueday Technology, including executives, managers, employees and business partners, as we are all responsible for acting ethically.

We respect and follow both the spirit and the letter of the law, everywhere we operate. Blueday Technology Managers have a special responsibility to lead by example and guide those that they supervise.

By acting ethically and in line with this Code of Conduct, we ensure the future success of our company and each other. Please take the time to read our updated Code of Conduct and if you are ever in doubt about what course of action to take or if you witness any misconduct, please speak up.

I count on all of you to drive Blueday Technology’s success by embracing and complying with our Code of Conduct in everything we do, everywhere and every day.”

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