BluEco® Port Management System (POMAS) application is designed to comply with IEC/PAS 80005-X LV and MV Shore Connection Systems and have a flexibility towards additional customer management system requirements.​

​The operation panels at the key side is designed on the basis of user-friendliness and power system safety during connection and disconnection. The BluEco® POMAS main controller is installed in the BluEco® Shore Power  module and have additional functionality when it comes to operation, real-time reports, analyses and condition-based monitoring. ​

​Warning system can be setup towards cellphone SMS. The BluEco® POMAS can be fully integrated with other individual sub-systems, including ERP for simplify the invoicing process.​

Blueday Technology team has the knowledge and expertise in the field of offshore and marine electrical and control engineering and applies this experience to offer customized monitoring and automation solutions based on a flexible, modular and distributed architecture.

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