Energy Storage Systems


Blueday Technology
Blueday Technology

Faster, safer and cleaner ports

Charging is relevant for vessels with an energy storage system (battery) onboard. The vessel recharges its batteries whilst in port, which allows the vessel to sail with low-emission for a defined period.

The BluEco® Charger is available in both AC and DC solutions offering opportunities to eliminate all environmental emissions, especially if batteries can be charged onshore.

​Blueday Technology has extensive experience of the design, manufacture and installation of high and low voltage ship-based, shore-based, and mobile charging / shore power.​

The BluEco® Charger offer greater flexibility for selecting a voltage level that best suits the vessel’s charging profile.

The BluEco® Charger provides normally 800-1000VDC or 400-690VAC (50/60Hz) allowing the assets’ power load is seamlessly transferred to the shore-side power supply without disruption to onboard services.​

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