Blueday Technology reduces emissions on RV Johan Hjort

Blueday Technology have delivered own developed SMART Hybrid system for the marine research vessel Johan Hjort retrofitted at the Båtbygg yard in Måløy. The hybrid battery solution provide power to the vessel for peak shaving and result in less fuel consumption, reduced emissions, improved efficiency and cost savings.

“The system delivered for RV Johan Hjort demonstrates our ability to deliver tailor made solutions optimized for our client’s needs” says CEO of Blueday Technology Hans Petter Heggebø. “Our success with the SMART Hybrid system is based upon years of R&D and accumulation of project in depth knowledge and experience of electrical power system design” he continues.

The 64m research vessel, John Hjort is equipped for environmental research. The onboard equipment includes advanced acoustic instruments for fish detection and echo integration and gear for operating various types of bottom and mid water trawls, various types of plankton samplers, CTD and other lowering probes and water samplers for environmental observation.

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