Eimskip has selected BluEco® solution to reduce emission

Blueday Technology has signed an agreement with Eimskip for delivery of a BluEco® Shore Power System in addition to upgrade Eimskip’s newest vessels, Brúarfoss and Dettifoss to receive shore power. Blueday Technology is proud to be selected as a total supplier for the solution and given a role in supplying our environmentally friendly technology supporting our vision “Technology for a cleaner society”.

The BluEco® Shore Power System will replace noisy auxiliary engine that drives electricity and necessary equipment on board the ships. The oil consumption will be reduced by 160 metric tons per year which is equivalent to 24 laps around the earth on a passenger car.

This is an important milestone in energy exchange at Sundahöfn. A letter of intent was signed last year between the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, Associated Icelandic Ports, Veitur Utilities, City of Reykjavík and Eimskip on construction and operation of land connection for vessels in Sundahöfn.

By using the BluEco® Shore Power system, Eimskip secure reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and noise as well as vibrations, improving environmental and build sustainable operations into the future. In November 2015, Eimskip signed a Declaration on Climate Change, which involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing negative environmental effects through targeted actions, and measuring the results and regularly publishing the status. These changes will strengthen Eimskip’s journey to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. The carbon footprint has already been reduced by 14,7% per container unit transported since 2015.

Blueday Technology will be responsible for the design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of the project.

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