The BluEco® Energy Storage System (ESS) interacts with the power system to optimize the engine fuel efficiency. The batteries are charged and discharged in such a way that the operating point of online generators is optimized combining the following applications;​

​Spinning reserve; the BluEco® ESS is connected and running but not charging or discharging energy into the system. With loss of generating capacity it steps in to take the load for a predefined period of time. ​

​Peak Shaving; the BluEco® ESS absorbs load variations in the network so that engines only see the average system load. The system will level the power seen by engines and offset the need to start new engines. Peak shaving will improve fuel efficiency and reduce engine running hours.​

BluEco® Energy Storage System (ESS)

The potential for fuel savings and emission reductions in offshore applications has proven significant. For charging systems we have developed the BluEco® Charger providing both AC and DC solutions, BluEco® EMS to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption and the BluEco® PMS to create an economical, reliable and efficient power plant and distribution.

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