Fjord Base has again selected BluEco® Shore Power System

Stavanger, Norway – Sep 1, 2023

Blueday Technology, the leading provider of shore power and charging systems for the marine industry, is pleased to announce that it has again been selected by Fjord Base with a contract including our product line BluEco® Shore Power system to be installed at two of their terminal in Florø(Norway). Blueday Technology’s innovative shore power and charging systems play a vital role in helping ports and shipping lines reduce their environmental impact and achieve climate targets.

Fjord Base is Norway’s largest supply base. Here you will find efficient ports, total logistics solutions and a full-fledged value chain. Nearly 65 different companies are currently established at the base, which has the name Fjord Base. 650 talented people work here daily.Since 1985, Fjord Base have been a significant player for the offshore industry in the North Sea. As part of the INC Group, Fjord Base are committed to creating activity in the local community. Fjord Base has a total area of 1,060,000 m², and is constantly expanding for more space. Here, Fjord Base will build sustainable industry on the shoulders of existing expertise and acreage.

Shore Power System is also known as Onshore Power Supply (OPS), Shore side electricity (SSE), Shore Connection, Shore-to-ship Power, Cold ironing and Alternative Maritime Power. Shipping along the coast accounts for large greenhouse gas emissions and significant local air and noise pollution. Decarbonisation through electrification and shore power not only serves upcoming EU legislation, but first and foremost, social, health and economic objectives.

“We are very pleased to be chosen again by Fjord Base for this shore power system project” says Kenneth Husebø, sales director shore power at Blueday Technology. “Fjord Base have already several shore power connection at their operating terminals ensuring contribution towards marine harbour sector electrification, decarbonization, and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.”

The shore power solution enable vessels moored at the terminal to use all the electricity needed for operating their onboard systems, including ventilation and cooling, from the local grid network.  This results in reductions in greenhouse gas and noise emissions as well as vibrations, improving environmental conditions for people in and around the terminal.

Blueday Technology is responsible for the complete design, engineering, supply, installation, and commissioning of the project. The operating center in Stavanger, will execute this contract, scheduled to be completed next year.

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