The BluEco® Hybrid Grid systems is suitable for applications in a variety of segments in the offshore and marine industry as well as for retrofits of existing installations for  reliable and flexible operations.​

The system platform is highly customizable for the simple to the most demanding applications, covering the low to mid-power range. The BluEco® Hybrid Grid is a modular power system platform, that enables simple flexible and functional integration of energy sources and loads. ​

​The BluEco® Hybrid Grid is suitable for marine vessels, drilling applications, shore power systems and semi-submersible drilling rigs gaining lower emissions operation, reduced noise pollution, elimination of fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

As new sources of energy become available it is important to identify which energy source best fits the asset, duty cycle and environment to give efficient power when it is needed. Since no two assets, routes or captains are alike, decisions can be improved by discussing our BluEco® Hybrid Grid systems and solutions.

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