Port of Egersund has emphasised technical solution to contribute a low emission society

Blueday Technology has signed an agreement with Egersund Landstrøm to deliver state of the art shore power solution to contribute a low emission society. Bluedays SMART Shore Power System secures the Port of Egersund to move forward towards, and emerge as a zero emission port.

The shore-to-ship power solutions enable vessels docked in the port to draw all the electricity needed for operating their on-board systems, including ventilation and cooling, from the local power network. The use of shore-side power allows ships to shut off their diesel engines while docked in port. This results in reductions in greenhouse gas and noise emissions as well as vibrations, improving environmental conditions for people in and around the port. It also allows an opportunity window for maintenance work on the engines.

Blueday Technology will be responsible for the design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of the project. The operating center in Stavanger, will execute this contract, scheduled to be completed during the second half of 2019.

About Egersund harbour

Egersund harbour has good space with a total length of about 4500 meters, and the depth is from six to nine meters. This also includes three Ro-Ro docks. Unique about the port is that it does not have a tidal difference and that it is free from ice all year round. The entry distance from the sea to the port is short and we also have a sheltered anchorage. Egersund has good road and rail connections and is strategically well located. Link to their webpage.

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