Blueday’s SMART Shore Power solution reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Norwegian port.

Blueday Technology has won a shore-to-ship power solution order from Rana Industriterminal, a part of the port at Mo i Rana Havn in North of Norway, to build the complete electrical onshore infrastructure to simultaneously power multiple vessels while berthed.

The shore-to-ship power solutions enable vessels docked in the port to draw all the electricity needed for operating their onboard systems, including ventilation and cooling, from the local power network. The use of shore-side power allows ships to shut off their diesel engines while docked in port. This results in reductions in greenhouse gas and noise emissions as well as vibrations, improving environmental conditions for people in and around the port. It also allows an opportunity window for maintenance work on the engines.

Blueday is responsible for the design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of the project. The operating center in Stavanger, will execute this contract, scheduled to be completed during the second half of 2017.

About Rana Industriterminal

The quay structures of Rana Industriterminal AS is part of Mo i Rana Havn. The four port facilities in Mo i Rana forms the forth larges harbor in Norway measured in amount of boat calls. Rana Industriterminal offers loading, unloading and storage. Quayage of 410m with a depth of 8m. Indoor storage 1600m2 and two outdoor cranes. Link to their webpage.

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